Frequently Asked Questions

As ELD, we operate in the fields of Integrated Logistics Support, system integration, and software development. We offer our customers customized services in line with the latest technological developments.

We develop software for some public institutions, such as the Land Forces Command and the Ministry of National Defense.

As ELD, we provide Integrated Logistics Support, software, material coding, consultancy, and training services to all our customers.

ELD is not currently working with international companies. However, we continue our research on international markets. We are considering establishing agreements with international companies and opening foreign representations.

We have not previously partnered with any start-ups. However, we want to work with start-up companies. That's why we participate in some start-up fairs.

ELD has three products developed in accordance with the S-Series specifications. S1000D-compatible FORSDOC for technical documentation operations, S3000L-compatible FORSLSAR and NATO Coding System for logistics support analysis, and S2000M-compatible FORSMM for material and support equipment management.

The S-Series Integrated Logistics Support Specifications are a suite of features for product support that will enable the smooth migration of technical data (logistics, procurement, technical publications/IETMs, scheduled maintenance, and maintenance data feedback).

You do not need to know XML when using our products. We design the interface of our products to be user-friendly.

Apart from software, we provide Integrated Logistics Support, material codification, technical documentation writing, consultancy, and training services.

The interface and video training libraries of our products have been prepared in Turkish.