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Gain individual or corporate-level S-Series and integrated product support capabilities with ELD Bilişim Akademi, which offers end-to-end training in the field of S-Series specifications!

ELD Bilisim Academy

Specialize in your profession through our trainings!

  • Skill-enhancing Training

    Skill-enhancing Training

    Enhance your level of expertise by acquiring the required skills and knowledge for the aerospace and defense industry!

  • Active Learning

    Active Learning

    Make your knowledge more permanent by having an active learning process with our interactive trainings!

  • Opportunities for Career Development

    Opportunities for Career Development

    Increase your business opportunities in the integrated product support, and expand your career development areas!

  • Practical Application Opportunity

    Practical Application Opportunity

    Learn how you can use the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in practice!

  • Competitive Advantage

    Competitive Advantage

    Increase your competitive power with your S-Series and Integrated Product Support applications!

  • Process Optimization

    Process Optimization

    Streamline your Integrated Product Support operations!

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